Creative Castle Nursery School
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King and Queen   Pre-k
​Our Pre-Kindergarten program emphasizes creating a solid educational foundation through a balance of fun, play and learning strategies. By providing Kindergarten preparation, cooperative learning, independent discovery and Fun-Fun-Fun, future academic success is ensured. Your child will practice spoken and written expression of communication. This is accomplished with the mix of handwriting, computer, and early literacy practice. This practice includes letter identification, recalls, sequences and matching letters and sounds. In science: gathering, correcting and explaining techniques will be incorporated into fun projects. Motor skill development includes eye-hand coordination, fine motor dexterity, rhythm and tempo practice. In math some items emphasized include every day practical skills. These areas include: calendars, clocks, matching, sorting, and sequencing. Enrichment areas of focus include music and dance, art, fitness and nutrition. The use of technology will be used to reinforce curricular goals. Our program ensures your child will be ready socially as well as academically for a successful Kindergarten year!